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Monday, July 30, 2012

Angel Yannick wins over phelps jo 2012

Yannick Agnel, 18, broke its own record for France in the 200 freestyle in a "46" 30 before the Olympic champion, the American Michael Phelps (3rd, 1:47.54), Sunday at the Paris Open.

Agnel led the race from start to finish and won before the Dutch Sebastiaan Verschuren (1:46.97) and especially Michael Phelps, the star of 14 gold medals including 8 for only Beijing Games , 2008.

Agnel had taken the mark, his first national record, April 17 at Saint-Raphael (1:46.35) at the Championships in France. This record was the first to be fought since the end of combinations (January 1). Since no national brand has been improved. Nice Young, who spent this week testing the baccalaureate and has therefore not led to the meeting in Paris, faced for the first time the giant Phelps.

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